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Submitted on
December 7, 2009


  • Mood: Exhilarated
  • Reading: Paradise/Paradise--Lost?
  • Watching: Crenen prod Key with a stick
  • Playing: With Grump
  • Eating: Geranie
Alright everyone, it's been a long time since we've been active and even longer since we've had a contest! So we at the ParadiseFanClub are going to do an experiment contest, to see how much you guys are fans of Paradise. All you guys have to do is follow the basic rules, and this should be an easy one!

If you wish to be part of this, let us know below! It'll be fun!

EDIT: The contest starts now, today, so you better get started!


Here we go!

:bulletpurple:Introducing: A Paradise Christmas Carol!

You've all heard of the story, and if you haven't, you can go here for more information:…

:bulletpurple:Main Characters of A Christmas Carol: Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Jacob Marley, Nephew Fred, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

:bulletpurple:Main Characters of Paradise: Jason "Key" Sterling, Crenen, Jenen, Menen, Chasym, Lon, Veija, Kirid, Sasha and Haeon.

:bulletpurple:Contest Info: You guys have to draw the Paradise characters as the characters from A Christmas Carol. But here's the nice thing, you don't have to do all of them! The only ones that have to be in your picture are the characters of Scrooge, and the Three Ghost of Christmas, the other characters are optional, depending on how many Paradise characters you wish to include in the picture! Here's the other nice thing, you can do ANY Paradise characters you want as each character!

Example: Key as Scrooge, Crenen as Christmas Past, Haeon as Christmas Present, and Veija as Christmas Future, etc., etc.

You can do whoever you want and it can be detailed or funny or mocking or beautiful! YOU CHOOSE!

However, what ever characters you use, we have to be able to identify them as that character, so each character has to be wearing something or ho,ding something or have a name next to them that tells us who they are! Key could be wearing a top hat and scarf as Scrooge, or wearing a Christmas wreath on his head as the Ghost of Christmas Present! Get the point? Great! :devilish:

Also, we would ask that you keep a somewhat Christmas-y feeling to the picture!

:bulletpurple:Rules: As you know, we run a clean business, so we'd ask you to keep a clean picture. Your picture can be any form you wish, whether a comic or a full fledge picture, and it won't bother us, just keep it to seven pages if a comic. We ask you to please keep mature content out of the picture and no guyxguy or girlxgirl pairings. Also, if for some reason it gets violent (:O_o:) then please refrain from tons of blood or gore. And no terribly revealing clothes please! The characters can be wearing Dickens's type clothes or Paradise Apparel, but as mentioned above, we have to know who each character is!

:bulletpurple:Judging the Contest: I, as one of the Admins, will be judging the pictures/comics/other, which means that the other two Admins may be part of the contest if they wish! I will not be biased and ask you to all respect whatever decision I make without hurt or bad feelings. I will be judging the pictures based on these things: Characters (knowing who everyone is at first glance), Effort (how detailed it was, whether colored or not), Design (how much attention was put into the Paradise Character designs, so look at good references) and Feeling (how much it shows feeling and care into the project you did and how much you like the Paradise characters).

There will be three winners!

:bulletpurple:1st Place will receive a detailed wallpaper drawn by myself of any three Paradise characters of your choice (since our Official Artist and Author are currently busy), a stamp declaring you in first place and a full month's feature of art or prose on this Club.

:bulletpurple:2nd Place with all receive a detailed wallpaper drawn by myself of any two Paradise characters of your choice, a stamp declaring you in second place and a two week feature of art or prose on this Club.

:bulletpurple:3rd Place with also receive a detailed wallpaper drawn by myself of any one Paradise character of your choice, with a stamp declaring you in third place and a week feature of art or prose on this Club.

:bulletpurple:Deadline: The deadline is for Dec 23rd at midnight! I will make the Winner announcement on the 26th of Dec at ten o'clock pm (after Christmas), so that I have time to judge them. To submit them (and you may submit any time after the start of the contest), send the Club a note with the title: Contest Entry and a link for your picture/other and we will then take it from there!

:bulletpurple:Also, as a side note, for anyone who will be traveling for Christmas or may not have access to a computer and can't submit it on time, send us a note before-hand and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Thank you!

Any questions, comments or other, please tell us below!

Ready, set, DRAW!


P.S. You will find references here:… or hikari-collection.deviantart.c… and you can use any designs of each character (such as Key with gold hair or white, you choose)
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